Friday, September 23, 2011

Is it 5 o'clock??

Not the greatest picture, but this little gem, which came in yesterday ($160!!), would look amazing in a stylish living room or den. Initally it may look a little too bachelor pad for some women, but with a few feminine accents, maybe even a coat of paint, it could fit any home. So to get you in the mood to set up your own mini bar area here a a few pictures floating around Pinterest. Side Note: Everyone should check out pinterest, its Amazing.

Splurge: Pottery Barn Bar..loving the dark wood!

Budget:Find a tea cart or even just a basic rolling cart, use gold spray paint to make it the gorgeous color above, or silver would be cute too! Use a mirror or tray like the one above to give it a little style or even better, find a mirrored tray (like below, just bigger!). Photo: theglitterguide

Find it: @ Olde Salem Mercantile

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